Infant feeding guidelines welcomed

The Infant Nutrition Council (INC) welcomes and supports the NHMRC’s revised Infant Feeding Guidelines, which were released yesterday.

“All mothers should be supported to provide the best nutrition for their infants. There is no question that breast milk is best and supporting mothers to breastfeed is an important aspect in maximising Australia’s infant health and wellbeing.” INC’s CEO, Jan Carey said.

“The Infant Feeding Guidelines will provide Australian health workers with good information to assist families in their infant feeding choices. We look forward to their wide circulation and adoption by the medical community.”

Ms Carey said when a baby is not being breastfed it is important that their mother has ready access to the only product that will meet all their baby’s nutritional requirements; infant formula.

“Health care professionals, governments and infant formula providers have a responsibility to not only protect the critical role of breastfeeding but also to ensure the continued nutritional welfare of each and every Australian baby”, Ms Carey said.

The Infant Nutrition Council supports both breastfeeding and infant formula and represents the major companies manufacturing, importing and marketing their own brands of infant formulas in Australia.


Release date: 19 February 2013

For further information please contact Jan Carey on 0412 514 735