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Note: INC confirms these and other Company details from public registers
If yes, please provide name and company registration number:
Please email copies of the registration certificates to:
If yes, when did the Company become a signatory to the MAIF Agreement?
If yes, please email evidence of the Company becoming a signatory to:
Note: If the Company is a marketer of infant formula products and the Company’s market share in Australia or New Zealand is 2% or greater, it is not eligible for Associate Membership but it can apply to be an Ordinary Member. For Australian Members, pricing excludes GST.
1. Applies for membership of Infant Nutrition Council Limited;
2. Confirms that the information in this application is accurate and complete;
3. Has read and understood, and agrees to abide by, the Infant Nutrition Council Code of Conduct;
4. Agrees to be bound by the constitution of Infant Nutrition Council Limited;
5. Consents to the disclosure to Infant Nutrition Council Limited by Australian and New Zealand regulatory authorities, including the following regulatory authorities, of information relating to the Company, its officeholders and members and their activities:
(i) in Australia, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Austrade and Departments of Page 4 Health; and
(ii) in New Zealand, the Ministry for Primary Industries, Trade and Enterprise and the Ministry of Health; and
6. Acknowledges that acceptance of the Company’s application for membership, and admission of the Company as a member, is at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Infant Nutrition Council Limited.