Conference Speakers and Program

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Day 1

Glen Neal, General Manager, Food Standards Australia New Zealand: Trust me – I’m from the Government

Professor Frank Bloomfield – Director, Liggins Institute, The University of Auckland: The role of newborn nutrition and the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

Professor Mark Vickers –  Associate Director – Academic, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland:  Early Life Nutrition and Developmental Programming of Later Adult Disease

Dr Clare Wall – Associate Professor, The University of Auckland: Early Life Nutrition – The Important Role of Protein

Dr Jonathon Bortz, Senior Director of Strategic Innovation, Human Nutrition and Pharma, Balchem Corporation, USA: The Role that Choline Plays in a single Carbon Metabolism in Fetal and Early Childhood Development

Distinguished Professor Paul Moughan – Riddet Institute, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand: Amino Acid Requirements of the Infant Based on Absorbed Amino Acids from Human Milk

Beverley Honig, Chairman, Honeylight Enterprises: Trusting Infant Food – How Blockchain can Revolutionise Formula

Michael Every, Head of Rabobank Financial Markets Research, Asia-Pacific: The Geopolitical Landscape and the Shift Towards Recessionary Risk in US, Australia, and China

Day 2 – Breakfast

Urvashi Mehlawat, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Home Economics, Unisersity of Delhi: Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding Status of Infants (6 months) Attending Pediatric Outpatient Department of a Private Clinic in Delhi-NCR, India

Andrea Leong, PhD Candidate in Food Sciences, RMIT: Oligosaccharides in Goat’s Milk Infant Formula and their Health Effects

Debashree Roy, PhD Student, Riddet Institute, Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology, Massey University, New Zealand:  Insights into the Structural Dynamics of Bovine and Non-Bovine Milks During Digestion in Piglets

Dr Femke Hannes, Leader, Nutrition, Science & Advocacy, DSM Asia Pacific:  Bringing Babies Closer to Term. Tracking Premature Birth with Omega-3 Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplementation

Day 2

Kaushik Janakiraman, Global Advocacy Manager, Reckitt Benckiser, The Netherlands: How Health Policies Impact Composition Challenges in Infant Formula

Cristine Bradley Infant and Child Nutrition, Global Regulatory Policy, Reckitt Benckiser, Canada :The Use of Food Additives in Early Life Attachment

Isis McKay, Co-founder of Health Promotion in Partnership and Director of Maternity Consumer Engagement Services –‘No Mum’s Land’ – Reframing Success and Exploring Whanāu Journeys

Samuel Liu , Secretary General of China  Nutrition and Health Food Association, Beijing China- The Opportunity and Challenge of China Nutrition Food

Dr. Junhua Han, Director of Applied Nutrition Division, China National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment, Beijing China – The Revision of Infant Formula Standard of China – Following Newest Research and International Development

David Mahon, Executive Chairman, Mahon China, Beijing China – The Australian and New Zealand Relationship with China in a Trade War

Session Chairs

John McKinnon former New Zealand Ambassador to China

Charlotte Channer –Manager Food Science, Science & Risk Assessment Directorate, Regulations & Assurance Branch, Ministry of Primary Industries, New Zealand

Jean-Christophe Kremer –Secretary General, International Special Dietary Foods Industries Association (ISDI), Brussels

Venetta Miranda – Executive Director, Asia Pacific Infant and Young Children Nutrition Association (APIYCNA)