Conference Speakers

Day 1

Professor Frank Bloomfield – Director, Liggins Institute, The University of Auckland: The role of newborn nutrition and the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

Professor Tim Green – South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)Low income countries – breastfeeding and introduction to solids survey

Professor Mark Vickers –  Associate Director – Academic, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland: The first 1000 days

Dr Clare Wall – Associate Professor, The University of Auckland: The first 1000 days –  health outcomes in the paediatric population

Dr Jonathon Bortz, Senior Director of Strategic Innovation, Human Nutrition and Pharma, Balchem Corporation, USA: Pre-natal and infant brain development

Distinguished Professor Paul Moughan – Riddet Institute, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand: Amino acid requirements of the infant based on absorbed amino acids from human milk

Beverley Honig, Chairman, Honeylight Enterprises: Blockchain/anticounterfeit

Michael Every, Head of Rabobank Financial Markets Research, Asia-Pacific: The Geopolitical Landscape

Day 2 – Breakfast

Urvashi Mehlawat, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Home Economics, Unisersity of Delhi: Breastfeeding and complementary feeding status of infants (6 months) attending pediatric outpatient department of a private clinic in Delhi-NCR, India

Andrea Leong, PhD Candidate in Food Sciences, RMIT:Prebiotic and anti-infection benefits of goat’s milk oligosaccharides in infant-formula

Day 2

Kaushik Janakiraman, Global Advocacy Manager, Reckitt Benckiser, The Netherlands:Composition Challenges in Infant Formula

International Speaker to be confirmed:The role of sugar in infant formula composition

Cristine Bradley Infant and Child Nutrition, Global Regulatory Policy, Reckitt Benckiser, Canada –The Use of Food Additives in Early Life Attachment

Isis Mackay, Co-founder of Health Promotion in Partnership and General Manager of Women’s Health Action in New Zealand –‘No Mum’s Land’ – Reframing success and exploring whanāu journeys

Samuel Liu , Secretary General of China  Nutrition and Health Food Association, Beijing China- The Industry Associations’ Role in China

Dr. Junhua Han, Director of Applied Nutrition Division, China National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment, Beijing China – Changes in China Regulation

David Mahon, Executive Chairman, Mahon China, Beijing China – The Australian and New Zealand Relationship with China in a Trade War

Session Chairs

John McKinnon former New Zealand Ambassador to China

Glen Neal General Manager, Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Charlotte Channer –Manager Food Science, Science & Risk Assessment Directorate, Regulations & Assurance Branch, Ministry of Primary Industries, New Zealand

Jean-Christophe Kremer –Secretary General, International Special Dietary Foods Industries Association (ISDI), Brussels