Donations of Infant Formula for Australian Floods and Bushfire Victims

The floods and bushfires in Australia have created a critical situation and extremely difficult circumstances for those families affected. It is important that proper nutrition is maintained for all infants and the Infant Nutrition Council and its members are pleased that they are able to respond to requests for donations of infant and/or follow-on formula.

The federal Department of Health and Ageing and the Advisory Panel on the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula (APMAIF) have endorsed company donations of infant and follow on formula when these donations are requested by health care professionals.

The Infant Nutrition Council appreciates and fully supports the fact that everyone will be doing their utmost to assist breastfeeding mothers during this time as breast milk provides the best nutrition for infants. We stress that donations of infant formula will be provided through health care professionals for those babies who are not currently being breastfed and who rely on infant formula. For those breastfeeding mothers who need assistance, information and advice can be obtained from the Australian Breastfeeding Association on 1800 686 268.

It is very important that carers using infant formula are advised about ensuring that the water used in the formula preparation is safe. A copy of the Infant Nutrition Council Guideline for the Safe Preparation, Storage and Handling of Powdered Infant Formula is available on this website.

Health Care Professionals working with relief agencies who need supplies of infant or follow-on formula should contact the Infant Nutrition Council at or by telephone on 02 6273 8164. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible.

For further information contact Jan Carey 00 61 412 514 735

About the Infant Nutrition Council

The Infant Nutrition Council Ltd (INC) is the association for the infant formula industry in Australia and New Zealand. Its 41 members produce over 95% of the volume of infant formula manufactured, sold and exported in New Zealand. INC plays a key role in ensuring compliance and safety in the industry. All members abide by a Code of Conduct that provides direction on industry issues, including the support of breastfeeding, food regulations and standards, food safety issues, and company representatives’ conduct and activities. INC advocates for optimal nutrition for all infants: breastfeeding first, and, when needed, infant formula as the only suitable alternative. INC members include A2 Milk, Abbott Nutrition, Aspen Nutritionals, Bayer, Danone Nutricia, Fonterra, HJ Heinz, Nestle, Synlait. Associate members include NIG Nutritionals, Westland, Dairy Goat Co-operative, Bodco, Fresco, GMP, New Zealand New Milk, Spring Sheep Milk, Winston, Yashili.