Code Compliance in Australia

Following a review of the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula (MAIF) complaints handling process for the MAIF Agreement in 2017, Senator the Hon. Bridget McKenzie agreed that all responsibilities for the complaints handling process will be undertaken by the Australian Government Department of Health. For reference, the final report for the review is available at

The Department of Health is in the process of setting up the new MAIF Complaints Committee. The MAIF Complaints Committee will consider all complaints and determine if they are in-scope or out-of-scope of the MAIF Agreement. If a complaint is determined in-scope, the MAIF Complaints Committee will then determine if a breach of the MAIF Agreement has occurred.

The full set of Terms of Reference for the MAIF Complaints Committee can be downloaded here.

For information about how to make a complaint click here.

The MAIF Complaints Tribunal Annual Reports can be downloaded below: