Press release: 11 May 2018

More information on infant formula labels for mothers

Infant formula manufacturers want to put more information on labels so mothers can make better-informed choices about which product to buy, says the Infant Nutrition Council (INC).

“This has absolutely nothing to do with product pricing, as claimed by an Australian academic,” says INC Chief Executive Jan Carey.

“The implication that the infant formula industry is concerned more about price than the health and safety of infants is alarming and does not help mothers who just want more information on products.

“The infant formula industry is dedicated to providing safe and healthy options for mothers who cannot breast feed their babies or who choose not to, and that includes making as much information as possible available on the label.

“Research shows that one in three mothers feel they receive insufficient information when they’re buying formula for the first time, while 40 per cent say they’re not aware of the ingredients and nutrients in a product.

“Not all infant formula products are the same. Different manufacturers innovate with different new and improved ingredients, which can be added only after approval by food safety regulator Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

“But the law as it stands won’t allow us to show this by putting that information on to the front of labels, and that means mothers can’t differentiate between products to find the most suitable product for their baby.

“FSANZ is presently reviewing the standards that govern what we can put on labels, and INC is proposing improvements that address this.”

For further information contact Jan Carey 00 61 412 514 735

About the Infant Nutrition Council

The Infant Nutrition Council Ltd (INC) is the association for the infant formula industry in Australia and New Zealand. Its 36 members produce over 95% of the volume of infant formula manufactured, sold and exported in New Zealand. INC plays a key role in ensuring compliance and safety in the industry. All members abide by a Code of Conduct that provides direction on industry issues, including the support of breastfeeding, food regulations and standards, food safety issues, and company representatives’ conduct and activities. INC advocates for optimal nutrition for all infants: breastfeeding first, and, when needed, infant formula as the only suitable alternative. INC members include A2 Infant Nutrition, Abbott Nutrition, Aspen Nutritionals, Bayer, Danone Nutricia, Fonterra, HJ Heinz, Nestle, Synlait. Associate members include New Image, Westland, Dairy Goat Co-operative, Bodco, Cambricare, Fresco, GMP, New Zealand New Milk, Spring Sheep Milk, Winston, Yashili. Website: